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CUEVAS - America's Cycling Team

Becoming a Member
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We are always looking for people interested in joining the Cuevas Development team.

Who Can Join?

The Cuevas/ ACT Junior Development Program welcomes any rider to join from the ages 12 to 23. What is most looked upon is honesty. The program wants to make sure that its riders learn that winning is not as important as finishing. Please see contact information to talk to Fernando or William about joining.

Benefits of Joining

With all of the Cuevas/ACT Development Coaches possessing an Expert or higher Coaching license from USA Cycling, all members of the Cuevas Program will have access to the best coaching the sport has to offer. Riders within the program will have unsurpassed support at most of the local races in the North East and at all of the major Junior/Espoir events in North America.

How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Please fill out the application and mail it back to us.




Please fill out this form completely.

Name:_________________________Racing Age (as of 12/31)_____ Lic No:_________


City:__________________State:_______________________ Zip code:______________ Home Phone:__________________Cell Phone:________________ Email:___________

College/School Address:____________________________________________________

City:____________________________State:______________Zip code:_____________

College/School Phone:____________________School E-mail:_____________________

Additional Information which will help CUEVAS support its membership:

Father:________________ Work Phone:_________________

Mother:_______________ Work Phone:_________________


1. As a Not for Profit agency, all Membership dues are tax deductible.

2. Discounts on all of your cycling needs from Cuevas America's Cycling Team.

3. Unsurpassed support for and commitment to its members, via Coaching and Mentoring.

4. Team T-shirt

5. Team Stickers


CUEVAS America's Cycling Team annual membership (including Jersey and Bibs): $200

CUEVAS team bib-shorts and s/s jersey: $99

CUEVAS bibs: $60

CUEVAS jersey s/s: $60

CUEVAS jacket: $99

CUEVAS skinsuit: $125

Make check payable to America's Cycling Team/ CUEVAS and mail to:

Mike Fraysse Sports, LLC.
573 High Road
PO Box 329
Glen Spey, NY 12737-0329

CUEVAS DEVELOPMENT * 192 Pleasant Street * Littleton * NH * 03561